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On a warm summer morning, the boat is resting on gentle swells.   The sun is barely up, the lines are in the water, and the chum is working its magic.  You settle back and take a sip of coffee while taking in the peacefulness of the moment ... when you hear the sharp clicking of the reel as 100lb test line disappears off the spool into the dark ocean.  You look up and notice that the balloon is moving away from the boat.  You spring to your feet as if electrically charged, grab the rod, put the real in gear, and set the hook.  Before you fully understand what is going on, a gray missile leaps from the surface and falls back into the water.  Everybody on the boat yells 'Mako'!


This is one of those magic moments, and only those who have experienced it can relate to what it's all about.  If you're ready to go Monster Fishing and experience the thrill of catching large sharks, then come aboard the THUNDERFISH for a day of fishing excitement. We also cater to families and children.  We offer half day trips as well as full day.  Rates vary depending on   type of fish and sailing distance. 

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